Rankin Fossil Fair Saturday September 24, 2016

The Rankin Museum will have a Fossil Fair and Dig on September 24, 2016. Sign up for the dig starts now.  Students from ages 5 to 16 can sign up for one of the four times. The times are: 9:00am  -  10:00am  -  12:00  -  1:00pm.  Students will hear a short talk about the dirt they will be digging in and the fossils they will find. Then they will travel  outside to dig for fossils.  Students and their families can also spend time walking around the museum  and talking with people from the NC Fossil Club and look at their fossil finds.

Cost of Admission:  Free  This includes Museum Entrance, Fossil Fair and Fossil Dig   First Come First Served  Call (910) 652 – 6378